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Booking policy

John Webber the Coffee House Booking Coordinator, is currently booking the next season of the Coffee House.
Please contact him via email, book.thecoffeehouse@gmail.com to get your performance date.

Please read these guidelines before requesting a booking.

The Coffee House is open for shows from the weekend after Labor Day through the weekend before Memorial Day Saturday evenings, and two Sundays a month.
Please note this when requesting bookings. We do not have use of the space at other times.
Don’t waste both of our time by asking for a date we are not open, or one that is clearly already booked.

The First Saturday of the month and the fourth Sunday of the month are not available for bookings due to our monthly food pantry benefits and open mics.
The second Sunday of the month is only available for ‘Living Activism’ events. See the ‘Living Activism’ page
for more information.

Bookings are done at least two to three months in advance due to printing, mailing and PR deadlines.

Saturday shows run from 8pm to between 10 & 10:30pm. Please do not asked to be tagged onto a show already listed on our calendar.
It is not fair to ask already booked performers to give up part of their set.
Please do not ask to play during intermission. We offer a concert atmosphere. The performers are not background music.
Intermission is meant as socializing time for the audience.

We book mainly local performers for the following reasons:

1. Although we have a large mailing list, they strongly tend to only come to see performers they are familiar with
making it difficult for us to book out-of-town performers. We have found through experience that we often cannot give them the audience they deserve.
We are only open for the actual concerts, so do not have the sort of 'walk-up'crowd a place that serves food or drink would have.
People who come here are coming specifically for the concert. Unfortunately, we do not have a local folk music radio show to get your music out there for our

2. We are one of the only small, public, 'concert atmosphere', smoke and alcohol-free venues in Milwaukee and as such
we feel it is part of our mission to provide performance opportunities to local performers who have very few other comparable places to perform locally.

3. We do not offer any guarantees to performers. We pay performers a percentage of the small donation we request at the door.
A portion of each admission goes to the church for our use of the space.
After this a percentage goes to The Coffee House to cover our operating expenses and a percentage goes to the performers.
So depending on the size of the audience, your share of the door may not cover your gas money.
You are welcome to sell CDs and other merchandise and can do well on this.

If after reading these guidelines you feel The Coffee House is an
appropriate venue for you/your group feel free to contact our current
Booking Coordinator, John Webber via email at book.thecoffeehouse@gmail.com.

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